About Us

The Orient Heights Neighborhood Association represents residents in the greater Orient Heights area of East Boston by providing a forum for civic engagement. Our membership is open to all community members who live in our jurisdiction.

We welcome a wide array of groups and individuals to our meetings to interact directly with community members. These include: developers, city and state elected officials, public safety officials, Massport representatives, local businesses, community organizations and residents.

Our aim is to identify and address community concerns, foster civic engagement, interact directly with our elected officials and community leaders, all while building working relationships within our one-of-a-kind, diverse neighborhood.

We are The Heights


orient height boundaries

Do you live in the OH? Check the map to the left and see if you reside within our limits

Per Article I, Section 3 of the Bylaws, the the Council boundaries are from Wordsworth Street to the Winthrop and Revere Borders.

voting eligibility

  • Residency within the Council's boundaries as defined in Article I, Section 4.

  • Attendance at two of the last three regularly and/or special Council meetings. If you are not a member but reside within a 500-foot radius of the impacted area that has come before the OHNC, voting will be allowed on that particular agenda item.

  • Must be 18 years or older to vote.

  • Voting will be done by secret ballot by those eligible (as defined in Article III, Section 2) and the results of the vote will be announced during the course of the meeting.


See this link for the full, current OHNC Bylaws

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CUrrent OHNC Board


Vice President | Noah Lewkowitz

Secretary | Tara Monuteaux

To contact the board please email orientheightsnc@gmail.com